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The Nervous System

The Nervous System. A beautiful, complex system of signals transmitting between the brain and the rest of the body to permit both automatic activities (such as breathing) and complex processes (such as feeling emotions and connecting). In this world of WiFi and a separation from the earth, our nervous systems have never been in more danger.

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What a disrupted nervous system can look like:

A disrupted nervous can look like many different things. But here are some of the more common:

- Sleeping issues: needing more sleep or a nap in the day, sleep disruption, feeling fatigued

- Brain issues: anything from lack of a difficulty focusing or reading to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Seizures

- Mental illnesses: anxiety is a big one, also depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD, ADD), Bipolar Disorders

- Muscular issues: difficulty building muscle, healing muscle, and maintaining proper flexibility

- Eating dysregulation: appetite imbalances, difficulty gaining or maintaining weight, difficulty with blood sugar

- Hormone imbalances: weight issues, mood or behavioral issues, or causing any of the above issues

Good news! We can help you repair your nervous system.

Here at Ohana Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we offer several of the most recent technological advancements that train the brain, repair nerve life, and bring relief to the areas above. As a chiropractic clinic, we offer the most versatile adjustments that can target the body's systems that need healing--like the Nervous System. While chiropractic effectively helps the body repair the nervous system, let's take a lot at what else we offer to help you heal your nervous system. . .

The NeurOptimal: A form of neurofeedback, the NeurOptimal trains the brain to re-connect and heal degenerated parts. The NeurOptimal is easy and pain-free, all YOU need to do is lay and listen as the music plays as non-intrusive connectors rest on your head and ears with conductive Ten20 paste. The recommended program lasts for 34 minutes. The NeurOptimal is helpful for people with brain injuries, mental health issues such as PTSD, phobias, etc., autism, sleep issues, nervous system issues, and much more. Click here to learn more.

Acupuncture: One of the most ancient forms of healing, Acupuncture works on a fundamental layer--with the energetic balance of Yin and Yang. When we become out of balance--be it by a false or negative belief, traumas, real or perceived conflicts--the body systems suffer. Acupuncture is practiced by the acupuncturist penetrating the outer-layer of skin with tiny needles in precise points around the body. These points correlate with different parts of the body and brain, in patterns that connect with each other and with specific organ groups called Meridians. We offer acupuncture protocols that have helped patients with a wide variety of issues, including insomnia, hormone imbalances, neuropathy, physical and emotional pain, seizures, and (drum roll please) the nervous system! Click here to learn more.

HRT/Hypothalamus Reset Technique: This technique targets positive shifts and healing to the hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus controls so many of the body's functions, automatic and manual. Some of those include thyroid and adrenal regulation, the reproductive system, heart rate, temperature, sleep cycles, hunger cues, and behavioral functions. This amazing HRT therapy works by resetting triggers, stress responses, and creating new, positive pathways in the body. Click here to learn more.

NAET/Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques: Created by Dr. Devi Nampudripad of India, this technique yields positive results time and time again. It is used to reset the brain and body's stress responses to foods, pollens, toxins, emotions, and other environmental factors. NAET can help the nervous system by healing the digestive system nerves, reversing the negative symptoms of nervous system damage, and detoxing the body of toxins that are hindering nerve life and strength. Click here to learn more.

AO Analyzer: This non-invasive bioresonance technology offers a wide array of diagnostic-scanning and treating abilities. The AO Analyzer includes a complete, full body nervous system scan and treatment, which targets each different nerve and nerve path throughout the entire body, reads its level of imbalance, inflammation, and degeneration, and then brings balance back to the nerves with a bioresonance frequency optimizing treatment. Non-invasive and non-painful. Click here to learn more.

ASA Balance: A revolutionary allergy reversal treatment, this therapy does more than food and pollen sensitivities. The ASA Balance (now known as Qi-5 Balance) finds the body's triggers, toxicities, and deficiencies with a comprehensive scan, then treats the patient for their personalized result list with Light Laser Therapy on acupuncture points. Click here to learn more.

EVOX: Our perceptions shape our reality. If we expect the negative, we will attract it. Many of our perceptions come from those who came before us--our ancestors. Our perceptions and beliefs can and do impact our health, especially our nervous systems which deal with our mind and emotions. This is what the EVOX therapy does: positively changes our perceptions and heals those infringed neuropathways. Click here to learn more.

So... which one should I try first?

We've got you covered. With our Biofeedback and Bioresonance scanning technology, our doctors will be able to find what the BEST methods for your specific imbalances, symptoms, and triggers will be. We re-scan with a "Re-Eval" every 2-3 months to make sure we are on the best path for your healing.

Schedule today to find out where to start to reach your full potential of health and joy.