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AO Analyzer

The AO Scanner is a non-invasive bio-resonance device. Within this device is a 9D Scanner, a dual-functioning device that harbors a Detection and Correction mode. The 9D scanner has the capability to detect abnormalities in various cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body. By detecting a patient’s frequencies and comparing them to a database of healthy frequencies, the scanner detects potential health issues. As it scans, a graphic with numbers 1 through 9 display to show whether the cells are in an optimal (5) or critical (1 or 9) state. While it does this, it also shows whether scanned areas move towards a catabolic (degenerating) or anabolic (recovering) state, allowing a visual representation of whether or not there is progress. After detection, utilizing bone induction technology, the frequencies return back into the body, 180 degrees out of phase. With repetition, this allows the body to begin to correct itself. With an interactive screen, patients watch their numbers change in real time as the therapy scans progress. We can then analyze the critical systems with our database of products we have built to see which would work best for that issue. (Whole Life Clinic PMA)