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Why Choose NeurOptimal?

The NeurOptimal is a Neurofeedback method of brain training, allowing the brain to painlessly heal itself. Our NeurOptimal main sessions are 33 minutes long, recommended 1-2x weekly or as the Doctors recommend.

What NeurOptimal Can Heal

We are familiar with the pain and upset that brain imbalances and deficiencies bring. Here at Ohana Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we have helped people with a wide variety of brain issues to find relief and positive change! Here are some of the issues that NeurOptimal may be able to help you with:


- Brain Injuries

- Concussions

- Depression & other mental health illnesses

- Nervous System Issues

- Phobias & Anxiety


- Sleep Issues

So When Can I Start?

Call us today! We can get you started with a free consultation, over the phone or in person, or go right ahead and schedule your first treatment. Every new patient has the opportunity to undergo painless Biofeedback testing and a treatment with one of our Doctors if they choose. With these testing results, we can give you a comprehensive summary about your health and the root causes for your symptoms. The doctor that you see will give you or your child a Care Plan, which may include NeurOptimal. If you wish to begin with NeurOptimal without a Care Plan or testing, then you may do so as well.

We are excited to be your added BOOST on your journey of healing and hope!