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We have been offering acupuncture to all of our patients for a wide variety of symptoms since May of 2017. We received our training from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture taught by Dr. John Amaro who received training in China and Japan. Dr. Amaro was a pioneer in bringing acupuncture to the USA in the 1970’s. All of our doctors are also Nationally Certified. The World Health Organization has approved acupuncture to be effective in treating the following conditions:

A larger list and the full report can be found here : (http://www.iama.edu/OtherArticles/acupuncture_WHO_full_report.pdf)

We have also found specific protocols to be miraculously effective in treating many more areas of health, physical and emotional. Ask our doctors for more information or to find the right protocol for you.

Don’t Like Needles? No Problem

We offer 5 different ways to stimulate the acupuncture points without needles… that’s right! We adopted these methods to treat kids, because what kid likes needles? Also those taking blood thinning medications, those who bruise easily, and for all of the needle-phobics. We’ve found these to be just as effective when compared to the needle.


Our Acugraph Software allows us to take a snapshot of how each meridian or pathway in the body is functioning. The theory of meridian acupuncture is that each pathway affects the organ its associated with and any joint or tissue it passes through. For example the Lung meridian starts at the upper chest and runs down the arm to the thumb. An imbalance in the lung meridian can cause pain along the outer arm, elbow, wrist and thumb. The software also provides a list of Chinese herbs and acupuncture points that will best fit your needs at the moment. This software allows us to customize your treatments every visit.

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