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6 Proven Reasons Why Healing Add Can Change Your Life

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ADD is often misunderstood.

Several of the 7 types of ADD can often mask themselves as other disorders or be brushed off as a medical condition altogether. After taking our ADD test, it’s important to learn more about the types of ADD and distinguish between ADD myths and facts. Learning more could help you understand why healing ADD can change your life.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about ADD. You may hear people say that ADD is just a fad going around and an excuse for children to not behave. The truth? ADD is not a fad or an excuse. It is a medical condition that has been documented for over one hundred years. In 1902, a pediatrician named George Still wrote about several children who were hyperactive, unfocused, and impulsive. Though he did not yet know that this was a medical condition, he was describing children suffering from ADD.

Many people incorrectly believe that the solution to ADD is simply for individuals with ADD to try harder.

The facts show that the harder people with ADD try, the harder it becomes to focus. SPECT scans of individuals with ADD have shown that when they try to concentrate harder the prefrontal cortex, which controls concentration, actually shuts off.

Some people falsely believe that ADD is just a small problem and that people pay too much attention to a minor issue. However, when ADD is left untreated it is a very serious issue.

Here are the 6 reasons and supporting statistics why Healing ADD is so important and can change your life:

People may say that ADD is not a real medical condition or that it is overdiagnosed; that every child who is poorly behaved or adult that is lazy and unfocused gets placed on medication for ADD. Actually, more than 50% of people with ADD are not being treated at all.

The reality is that many people who have ADD will be dealing with these symptoms for their whole lives. 30% – 65% of children who have been diagnosed with ADD will struggle into adulthood.

Some of these myths pertain to who can have ADD. They perpetuate a false idea that only rambunctious boys have ADD, that only children have ADD and they outgrow it by 13, and that ADD is an American problem created to explain away societal problems.

ADD is a complex medical condition that cannot be summed up by simple, blanket statements. These ADD myths attempt to oversimplify and stigmatize individuals with ADD. The truth about ADD is that given effective treatments, support, and strategies for overcoming challenges, individuals with ADD, can and do, thrive. If you are in need of support for yourself or a loved one with ADD, our wellness center provides brain specific treatment for the 7 types of ADD that is state of the art, natural, and non-invasive. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if you or your loved one could benefit from our brain specific treatment protocol by clicking the button below.

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