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Emotional Release Techniques

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Here at Ohana, we offer various techniques in which we enable our patients to recognize, and release trapped emotions which prohibit our daily lives, and our overall health. When we experience emotionally traumatic incidences and our body’s are not ready or able to handle it, we store those strong emotions within us. Have you ever heard of someone grieving the death of a loved one a year after their passing? In the moment, that person was not able to process the strong emotions of that loss, but later manifested itself in various ways; such as loss of sleep, weight gain and or the inability to lose weight, allergies, and even the struggle to handle stressful situations, ect. The same idea can be applied in every situation in life: losing a job, divorce, losing a friendship, being financially stressed, getting in a car accident, receiving a serious diagnosis, failing a test, getting yelled at by our parents…and the list can go on.

According to the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (http://www.energypsych.org/?AboutEPv2) the emotions that aren’t properly dealt with can greatly effect our judgement and perception in this life. “Energy psychology gently and swiftly release traumatic events that are frozen in time in the body-mind system. These events can negatively influence how a person sees the world, experiences and regulates emotion and relates to other people.”

Its important that you find ways to let out the emotional energy that we experience in this life to allow our bodies to recognize the stress that it has taken upon itself, thus allowing the body to begin the healing process and ultimately help our overall health.

Below are videos that demonstrate the techniques that we use in the office to help release these strong emotions. All of the emotional releasing services at Ohana are offered by all our doctors. Because every person is unique in their experiences, ask them how your health may be effecting your daily life.


Below we have our wonderful and wise Dr. Don Whittaker teaching a 3-part video of the emotion classes he gives here at Ohana, Grab a snack, learn, and enjoy!