Where’s Your Bliss? 7 Simple Ways to Start Feeling Blissful Today- by Carol Tuttle

What is bliss?

Webster’s Dictionary defines “bliss” as great happiness and perfect joy.
But if you try to find your bliss in your relationships, jobs, vacations, money, belongings, etc., it will be fleeting and short lived.

Real bliss is an inside job.

I believe we all have the state of bliss within us. It gets covered up through the years with a lot of emotional baggage, and false beliefs about ourselves that we start to identify with as our truth.

As you connect with the God-given bliss that abides in you, you send out a signal of energy that attracts to you people and experiences that add to your bliss.

So how do you start connecting with your true bliss, not the manufactured stuff we think holds it in the external world? Start with these 7 simple steps:

1. In order to feel bliss, you first have to feel!

Start paying attention to how you feel. It’s easy for us to ignore our feelings. In fact we are often encouraged to ignore them as children.

Stop crying. Get over it. Eat this, it will help you feel better. You’ve had enough fun. It’s time to get serious. Life isn’t all fun and games.

Those are just a few examples of what we heard when we expressed our feelings as children.

In the process of shutting down our uncomfortable feelings, we also shut down our joyful feelings. Give yourself permission to feel. Just start noticing whatever you are feeling. Be an observer without judging or having to do anything about how you feel in the moment.

2. Tap on the bliss!

I have been a teacher of emotional tapping to clear negative feelings for many years. Using tools like EFT to help you clear negative feelings can be very freeing. But what about also using emotional tapping to anchor in positive feelings?

The next time you are feeling happy and joyful, start tapping all over your body to anchor in the higher vibrations of bliss, so your body starts to identify with this energy as your familiar state of being.

3. Compliment the bliss in others.

Notice the people around you that are joyful and happy, and compliment them for it. Something like, “You are so happy, I think that is so great.” “Thanks for being so full of joy, it’s a pleasure to be around you.”

What you put your attention on in others, you create more potential for in yourself.

4. Have a good laugh every week.

Laughing is an easy way to raise your energetic vibration. Happiness and joy are higher vibrations. How much are you laughing lately? One of my favorite comedians is Brian Regan. His humor is clean and relatable. For example:

What gets you to laugh? What do you think is funny? Give yourself a dose of laughter every week, your energy will naturally become lighter over time, and lighter energy creates the feelings of bliss.

5. Avoid the downer phone calls.

Ever had the experience of being in a really good mood, your phone rings, you answer and by the time you get off, you feel lousy. Who are the people in your life that you give your time to who bring in a “downer” energy?

You are the one who decided whether or not you should answer your phone. We tend to think, if someone is calling us, we are obligated to answer. If the person calling you, has a pattern of effecting you energetically in a negative way, don’t answer the phone. If it’s a close friend, maybe you need to reexamine who you choose to have as friends. If it’s a close family member, you still have a choice when and how long you want to talk to them.

Take your power back and be the one who decides who you talk to, for how long and when. Phone boundaries will help you continue to build those blissful states. Your emotions are like muscles, they need to be worked out to get strong and healthy.

6. Watch what you watch and listen to.

You’ve heard me speak to this many times before here on The Carol Blog, and I feel it’s important to share again in this post. If you want to feel more bliss, it’s important to stay away from “downer” media.

What media do you allow in your life? Is it helping you feel more bliss?

I am a big fan of “America’s Got Talent.” It’s a show where people are honored for their art. I appreciate that through the years, the show has focused almost exclusively on real talent, rather than people being made fun of. Choose media that is uplifting and helps you feel good.

7. Smile more!

Start noticing your tone of voice and how often you smile, especially around your family members. The people we love the most are the ones we tend to get the most casual about in our interactions and mood.

What is your tone of voice with your children? Is it pleasant? How much do you smile around your family? How much do you smile throughout your day? There have been numerous studies through the years that indicate that smiling does affect our mood.

Bliss: A Beautiful Cycle That Starts on the Inside

Yes, bliss is first an internal state of being, not something that we can find somewhere, in someone, or something.

Yet, our external experiences do contribute to our bliss. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

We start with knowing bliss is something we all have, an internal state. We then offer a vibrational signal that attracts to us experiences and people that add to our bliss. They work together.

It’s a beautiful cycle that starts on the inside.

What about you? How do you connect with your inner bliss? Share your tips below.

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