Auto Accident Care

Why Choose Us for Your Auto Accident Care Needs?

We have over 35 years of combined experience treating victims of automobile accidents.  As such, we offer the care and expertise necessary to aid patients in overcoming the damaging and debilitating effects of their injuries.  Our speciality is helping patients heal efficiently and properly; thereby reducing rehabilitation time and suffering, enabling them to return to an optimal lifestyle more quickly.

Why is Specialized Care So Important?

There is extensive evidence that musculoskeletal injuries from even minor auto accidents can result in long-term physical problems.

Simulated impacts have been studied extensively and essentially confirm that a low-speed impact with minimal or no damage to the impacted vehicle can and does cause significant musculoskeletal injury to the driver’s or occupant’s head and neck.  —Rene Cailliet, MD, Low Impact Collisions and Injury, 2006

Proper rehabilitative care that includes a combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage can help alleviate and correct the negative effects of these injuries.

Here is What We Provide…

  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Advance Chiropractic Care
  • Full-Spinal Digital X-rays
  • Physical Therapy Modalities:  Cryotherapy, Muscle Stimulation, Traction, Trigger Point Therapy
  • Therapeutic Massage: Deep Tissue, Injury Massage, Trigger Point.

Our Specialist

Principal Physicians 

  Joseph D. Kepo’o, D.C.

  Pleasant Grove Office





   Donald J. Whittaker, D.C.

   Spanish Fork Office





Trained & Caring Staff

We have on staff specially trained and caring individuals including licensed massage therapists and therapeutic assistants, as well as knowledgeable billing specialists to assist you with insurance and payment options.

Legal Assistance

In addition to our medical expertise, we also offer access to several honest, highly experienced, and dependable attorneys who also specialize in auto accident and personal injury claims.

Allow us to help you and your family with any auto accident injury care needs today!!

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