How to Overcome Your Resistance to Exercise- By Coral Tuttle

  • Do you keep telling yourself you need to start exercising or you need to work out more?
  • Do you feel guilty for not exercising?
  • Do you envy your friends who seem to do this effortlessly?
  • Do you find exercising to be a chore? Something you don’t want to do, but should do?

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To help you identify why you resist exercising, finish this next sentence 5–10 times:

“I don’t want to exercise because… _________”

Some common responses might be:

  1. I don’t want to exercise because…I don’t have the time.
  2. I don’t want to exercise because…it’s not fun.
  3. I don’t want to exercise because…it feels like a chore.
  4. I don’t want to exercise because…I can’t seem to make it a habit, so why even start.
  5. I don’t want to exercise because…I need to lose weight first (or I’m not healthy enough).

If you’ve said even just one of those or something like it, today I want to help you change your beliefs so you can clear that energy of resistance.

Because it’s your beliefs about exercising that are causing the resistance.

5 Examples to Shift Your Beliefs About Exercise

Here are some examples of how you could change the above beliefs into affirmations that help you open up the energy so you can create a wonderful, rewarding exercise experience that you actually look forward to!

1. Change this:  I don’t want to exercise because I don’t have the time

To this: It’s easy to find the time to exercise, as I can get it done very quickly!

Some studies show that even high intensity 7-minute workouts can be beneficial if you don’t have much time to work out.

A great place to start is to download Lolo’s 7-minute workout app—I use Lolo exercise apps personally and I really enjoy them because they are quick and easy! You will need to exercise for 7—12 minutes to receive the benefits of improved health.

2. Change: “I don’t want to exercise because it’s not fun.”

To this: I am coming up with creative ways to make exercise fun.

My oldest daughter Jenny, who leads with a TYPE 1SM, bright, animated energy in my Beauty Profiling system, found a way to make her exercise fun. Three days a week, she joins a couple of friends early in the morning to go for a short run. The social engagement makes it fun for her and she has something to look forward to.

Ask what would make exercise more fun for you and believe you will be inspired to know what that looks like for yourself. For more support, watch this video for more Energy Profiling exercise tips to hear how we each do fitness true to our Energy Types.

3. Change: I don’t want to exercise because it feels like a chore.

To this: I am grateful for all the rewarding benefits I experience from exercising.

As you make weekly exercise a part of your lifestyle, you actually train your body to look forward to the many benefits of exercising!

Increased endorphins, time to for yourself, improved health, a desire to eat more healthy—they are just a few of the benefits you will grow to enjoy. For me, that’s part of what makes exercising a rewarding experience.

4. Change: I don’t want to exercise because I can’t seem to make it a habit, so why start.

To this:  There is no beginning or end when it comes to exercise, everyday is a new start.

Look at each day as a new opportunity that does not need to relate to your choices of the past. Take it a day at a time, rather than committing to a month, year, or lifetime of exercise.

Notice how it feels to commit to exercising tomorrow, compared to exercising for the next 6 months! To help you establish a new habit with exercising, only commit to a timeline that feels supportive.

5. Change: I don’t want to exercise because I need to lose weight first (or I’m not healthy enough).

To this: I am grateful that my commitment to exercise supports me in getting fit.

Exercise and improving your diet go hand in hand for me. One supports the other. When you exercise, you tend to want to eat healthier, and when you eat healthier you have more energy to exercise. They are partners in creating a healthy body.

For more support, check out these 3 words to cut from your vocabulary if you want to lose weight.

Now that you are clearing your resistance, what types of exercise do you want to try? Share what you’re looking forward to by creating a healthier body!

This post is intended to support you in clearing your resistance to exercise. Please remember to consult your health practitioner before beginning a fitness program. 

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