Declare Your Independence From Family Patterns Of Lack & Struggle With Money – by Carol Tuttle

independence from financial struggles

Declare Your Independence From Family

That’s how much my husband Jon and I owed in credit card debt 20 years ago. We had no income at the time.
That year, 1994, was a low point in our financial lives as a couple.
But it was also that same year that we got serious about changing our dysfunctional patterns with money.
To do that, we had to look back at our family’s patterns with money.
And we were both surprised by what we found out!

When I started to clear my family patterns of “not enough money,” I learned that my great-grandfather was in the beer-brewing business when prohibition became a law in the U.S. in 1920. My great-grandfather lost everything and went into a lot of debt. He never recovered from that economic hardship, and that had never been cleared from our family’s energy system.

My husband’s great-grandfather had a similar experience. He was a thriving brick mason in Illinois when the leader of his church asked him to leave his business and cross the plains to help build a new community. He never gained his former level of affluence again.

Through learning the history of money patterns in our families, I discovered my family’s energy was about creating something, and then losing it all. My husband learned that his family’s energy was stuck in the belief of, “I have to give up everything to serve God.”

What your ancestors believed helped them to survive—but now it’s time for you to thrive.

The beliefs and money patterns that all of our ancestors created were useful at one time. For example, for a long period of history our ancestors had to strive to make sure they had enough food and shelter to survive. They had to be extremely careful and cautious with their resources in order to stay alive.

The belief our ancestors created in days gone by, let’s say in the 1800s was “I may not have enough to survive, so I better be cautious and concerned.” Today that same belief might take this form: “I don’t have enough money, so I have to worry about it.”

The good news is that this energy is opening up and we are being released from old patterns of survival that came from our family of origin and invited to thrive. Are you ready to thrive?

A Declaration of Financial Independence

Before we could create the success with money and the affluence that we now experience in our lives, my husband and I both went to work to clear our generational issues and patterns with money.

We both decided to make a declaration of independence from our generational money patterns. We made this declaration together and have lived true to it to this day.

Ever since then, we got out of debt, started a thriving business and now experience financial success.

How to declare independence from your family’s generational patterns with money

As we celebrate Independence Day here in the USA, I invite you to declare your own personal day of independence from your family’s generational beliefs of lack. Use this easy energy clearing process to help yourself release generational patterns:

1. Declare to yourself, to God and the Universe that you are ready to thrive and learn the lessons of affluence.

2. Identify what it is you want to clear. (For example, the generational pattern of lack of money.)

3. Imagine yourself standing in the light surrounded by your ancestors. Thank them for the life lessons they chose with this pattern, and that this pattern is no longer serving you and your immediate family. Recognize that there was a time in history where these beliefs helped keep them alive, but now the pattern is actually causing distress.

4. Visualize a pile of luggage filled with the energy of this old family pattern all stacked up in front of you.

5. Gently tap with your fingers on your heart chakra (in the center of your chest) while repeating:

  • I am letting this old energy go
  • I am releasing this survival pattern from my energy field
  • I am free of generational patterns of lack and struggle
  • Let it go, let it go, let it go

I’m confident you can start to change your family’s patterns with money as I did by staying true to your declaration. It doesn’t happen overnight, so stay the course and have faith. You can do it!

What generational pattern of money do you need to let go of? Share it here and let’s all support one another in creating new experiences with money. 

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