How To Stay Positive In Challenging Times (5 Steps And A Meditation) – by Pragito Dove

Staying positive

Are you having trouble staying in a positive state of mind when challenging circumstances present themselves?  The Universal Laws state: so without, so within. Everything is a mirror. We cannot change the reflection, but we can change the original (ourselves), and then, automatically, the reflection changes.
Here are my top 5 Keys that can help you cultivate not only a positive mindset, but also the feeling state necessary for the positive Law of Attraction. The more you focus on bringing awareness to accepting and loving yourself, the more your inner beauty and harmony is reflected in your outer circumstances.


Relax and accept the challenging situation. Don’t fight it because that will make it worse. The more relaxed you are, the more productive you are. Creativity arises out of a relaxed state. And it’s creativity that you need to come up with solutions to the situation you are in.  Notice that I use the word “situation” and not the word “problem”. There is no such thing as a problem, only a situation. When you shift your perspective and see the situation as it is,without negative commentary, then you come up with creative solutions, and/or you find the right person to help you.


Make a practice of watching the thoughts of the mind with non-judgment and compassion for yourself. It is not the thoughts that are the problem, it is our identification with them that creates stress and anxiety.

For 5 minutes a day sit with eyes closed, body relaxed, and observe the thoughts of the mind. You don’t have to censor them, or force them to be other than they are, simply observe with non-judgment, and let them pass by.

Over time, you become less identified with the thoughts, and more connected to your creativity, wisdom and clarity.


A powerful way to undermine the influence of negative thoughts on your well being is to create a practice of saying positive thoughts to yourself. At the beginning these might seem tedious or silly, but believe me, it works! The easiest way to break a bad habit of self-judgment and criticism is to create positive phrases that you repeat to yourself as often as possible. Even if you don’t really believe them in the beginning, say them anyway! Over time they become a habit and the negative thoughts simply dissolve.


Be alert to people who like to complain, bad-mouth others, and/or have a depressed outlook on life. AVOID THEM. Keep yourself in the company of positive thinking people. This is a powerful way to keep yourself in a positive energy field which will LIFT YOU, rather than bring you down.

Your life is not determined by outside circumstances, but rather by how you respond to those outside circumstances.

Remember that all things are possible, there is a lot going on that is unseen to you.

The more you keep yourself on a positive vibrational level, the greater your chances of having positive outcomes to challenging situations.


Be grateful for what you have. If things are really bad, be grateful for being able to breathe, get out of bed in the morning, use your legs. Be grateful for the sunrise and sunset, for the beauty of the sky, the trees, the birds and flowers. There is always something to be grateful for. Put your focus there and celebrate what you have. Laughter is a powerful attractor factor. Seek out ways to bring more laughter into your life. You will be amazed at the miracles that occur.


When you befriend the mind you are surprised how radically life can change. It becomes much easier to disidentify from the mind’s constant chattering and see yourself, and life’s situations, with more clarity and objectivity. You see life’s dramas with perspective and compassion, and insights and understandings arise naturally.

Find ways to befriend your mind. The mind is our bridge from the subconscious to the conscious, our gateway of expression to the outer world. Be grateful for it. Find ways to appreciate the insights, understandings, and creativity it brings. See it not as an enemy but as a friend.

As this friendship with the mind deepens, your mind no longer disturbs you. You are not fighting it; you are simply letting it’s thoughts pass by. Your ego/ mind wants to make things complicated, but they are not. Life sings a different tune when you are not controlled by the mind. Your natural joy, spontaneity, self-acceptance, love and compassion arise quickly and easily.
Pragito Dove is a master trainer, international speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and fear into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author and thought leader on visionary thinking, she is dedicated to re-igniting passion and vision in people’s lives, and making abundance accessible to all. As a featured columnist on The Huffington Post, Pragito urges her readers to step into the greatest creative expression of who they are.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels


Do you feel run down? Perhaps living at a quick pace leaves you feeling so tired that the first thing you want to do after work is crawl straight into the bed. Oftentimes, do you just wish that there were more than 24 hours each day? Getting everything done seems impossible. A few years ago things came easier but your heart just isn’t in it anymore.

An energy boost will help you immensely!

Here are several things that you can do to increase your levels of energy and make the most out of your life from here on out.

* Alter your diet Maybe you are just aren’t consuming the right things. To increase your energy levels, consume additional antioxidants. They battle stress, which is known to rob the body of energy. Fiber rich foods are also a wise choice. Your gastrointestinal system will get a cleansing and you will gain a nice energy increase.

* Alter your routine frequentlyMake changes occasionally so you do not become bored. When in a building choose the stairs over an elevator. Take a different route on the way home from your place of work. You can gain a fresh attitude by taking breaks from the grind of life.

* Exercise A great way to release endorphins. You can think of endorphins in relation to a feel good pill. Going this route will afford you an energy boost and help you to maintain a good weight. You will likewise find yourself sleeping better.

* Sleep Sleep always seems to be last on our minds. It is crucial because it gets us all prepared to deal with the coming day. As we sleep, our bodies repair and rebuild energy stores. Get after around 8 hours each nighttime. If you do not get plenty of sleep you might very well not live long. If you are not acquiring plenty of sleep you may feel sluggish.

* Consume water Being dehydrated often leads to energy loss. Every person should attempt to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Try to increase this and watch your energy levels rise.

* Take a quick nap Everybody’s talking about naps. Particularly post lunchtime, a quick break may power you through the rest of the day. Do not fight it, give in. A 10 or 15 minute quick nap will get your brain in order and help you stay alert for the remainder of your day.

* Go for a walk This is a great way to exercise. Take one during lunchtime to give your body a quick boost. A bit of casual conversation will allow you get back on the right track again.

What are some things you do to increase your energy throughout the day?

Quote of the Day:

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.” Arabian Proverb

Deepak Chopra, My Minivan and How to Create an Affluent Mindset – by Carol Tuttle

For several years when my children were young, any time our family minivan left the house, Deepak Chopra was in it. You see, in the mid-1990s my husband and I reached a point when we had $45,000 in credit card debt, along with other debts, and had no income. We knew we wanted to experience the opposite of lack and struggle with money (think affluence, abundance, wealth), but we also knew we had to change our mindset first if we really wanted to experience lasting change. And that’s when car trips in our family minivan began to get a whole lot more interesting!

I had picked up an audio cassette of Creating Affluence: The A to Z Steps to a Richer Life by Deepak Chopra. So every time we were in the minivan, we listened to his voice as he shared the 26 steps to creating an affluent life. It was like Deepak Chopra was right there with us, riding along in our minivan. We were a family on the cutting edge. No one we knew was listening to Deepak Chopra in their cars back then. My kids thought we were oddballs. But not anymore. In this video, find out how that tape helped us create an affluent mindset—and how my husband and I taught our young children to think affluently, too (even when we didn’t have much money). Watch for these tips and insight in this video:

  • 1:50 – The #1 thing my husband and I stopped doing (even when we were $45k in debt!)
  • 3:09 – A great tip to reset your mindset—especially when you are experiencing what you DON’T want!
  • 5:06 – Why you need to reset your mindset before experiencing what you want.
  • 6:05 – A great way to think about affluence (hint: it’s not really about the money.)
  • 6:25 – Why everyone is abundant and how to recognize what your current abundance is.
  • 10:16 – 2 personal mantras Mark uses to create this mindset…plus, a challenge for you!

4 Quick Tips to Create An Affluent Mindset

  • Make a Declaration of Independence for yourself and your family.

Look back to your family’s patterns with money. I guarantee they are still affecting you if you’ve never cleared them. To help change your money mindset, make this declaration of financial independence from your family’s generational patterns of lack and struggle. You’ll be amazed by what we found out by looking at our family tree!

  • Stop saying “I can’t afford it!”

It’s ok to want things! Allow yourself to want something by removing money from the experience of wanting or having something.

  • Write down what you want.

As Anne shared in the video, she’s been writing down her affirmations since she was 10 years old! If a 10-year-old can do it,  you can do it!

  • Develop your own mantra or affirmation for living abundantly.

The two Mark mentioned in the video were, “Learning growth through joy” from my book Remembering Wholeness, and “Live luxuriously within my means.”  What can you create that rings true for you? I’m so grateful my children have grown up and taken this mindset to heart and made it their own (even though they thought I was weird to play Deepak Chopra in the van when they were kids). Because I learn a lot from them today!

How are you creating an affluent mindset in your life? What beliefs or habits have you let go of to experience more abundant thinking?

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  • causes a rebound arterial dilation, resulting in an increased blood vessel diameter greater than when therapy began, improving blood flow to compromised organs;
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Unlimited 20 Minute Daily VibroAcoustic Therapy $100.00

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Quote Of The Day: “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.” Joshua Welch

A Guide For Well-Being: Learning From the Chakra Chart – by Carol Tuttle

There is a flow of energy along your spine. This energy passes through seven chakras, which are spinning ‘wheels’ of energy. Each chakra corresponds to different areas of your body as well as specific life situations and psychological tendencies and traits. The chakras help ensure that energy flows steadily and evenly.

Unfortunately, the chakras can become blocked and just like intersections in a busy city, blockages can cause problems on both sides of the blockage. ‘Upstream’ of the blockage, you will have an excess of energy and ‘downstream’ you will have a deficiency. Both excess and deficient energy results in problems. There tends to be a domino effect too up and down the line of chakras if one chakra is severely blocked.

Let’s look at the individual chakras and how they affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We begin at the bottom with the root chakra, located at the base of your spine. This chakra is associated with survival basics: food, shelter and safety, and basic human connections like a sense of belonging. If you feel stuck in life (such as in a boring job); physically lethargic; or if you have persistent stress due to financial problems, your root chakra is blocked. If your root chakra is healthy, you feel safe, secure and connected; your finances are healthy and your home is a safe haven.

Next in line on the way to the head is the sacral chakra. This is the seat of kundalini or life force energy, sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, creativity and the joys of life. Located just below and behind the navel, this chakra is your physical center. If you struggle with a healthy self-image, sexual intimacy and low libido, your sacral chakra may be weak or unbalanced. Healthy sexuality, a strong creative streak and a love for the pleasures of life mean your sacral chakra is strong.

Energy runs along your spine through seven chakras.The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra. This is the center of your personal power. Located just below the breastbone, the solar plexus chakra governs your ambition, ego, willpower, and passions. If your solar plexus chakra is depleted, you will find it hard to take action on your dreams, you often feel powerless, suffer from low self-esteem, feel like a victim and often suffer from anxiety that manifest as stomach problems. But if it’s strong, nothing stands in the way of you creating a great life.

The next chakra is the fourth chakra, or the heart chakra. As you may have guessed, this is the center for love. It is also the bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms. If your heart chakra is weak, you have trouble giving and receiving unconditional love, you tend to be needy and distrustful, hold grudges and lack compassion. A depleted heart chakra can manifest as allergies, asthma and heart disease. If it’s strong, you are compassionate and shower everyone with unconditional love.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra – your communication center. This chakra enables self-expression in all ways. It is responsible for honesty, integrity and truth. If you feel frustrated that you aren’t heard; if you have trouble voicing your needs, wants, ideas and feelings; if you suffer from throat and mouth problems – then your throat chakra is unbalanced. If your throat chakra is healthy, you speak up for yourself, you are honest, creative and have no problem voicing what’s in your heart and mind.

Your third eye chakra, located just between and above the eyes, is responsible for psychic abilities such as intuition. It governs your sense of purpose and meaning in life. If your third eye chakra is closed, you will struggle with finding meaning in life and often ask yourself, “Why am I here?” You often refuse to believe information that comes through intuition and have trouble making decisions. Headaches and tension are physical symptoms of a closed third eye chakra. A balanced third eye chakra means you are intuitive and you trust your intuition as a guide for creating a happy and fulfilled life.

Finally, we reach the crown chakra. This chakra is physically located at the top of your head, where the “soft spot” used to be when you were a baby. This is the connection between you and the divine. This chakra controls your brain functions and central nervous system, and it is the seat of spirituality. If this chakra is depleted or blocked, you experience loneliness, and feel insignificant and perceive life to be meaningless. You may have a strong attachment to material possessions and achievements. Headaches are a common physical problem associated with a closed crown chakra. If it’s open, the crown chakra means you feel a strong spiritual connection with people, life on Earth and the Divine.

Most of us have some degree of blockage or imbalance in more than one chakra – if you can identify with any of the symptoms of blockage in several chakras (or all of them), it means that there is one main blockage that affects the others. It is important to find out where the main blockage is and what caused it. Then, you can work on restoring free flow of energy in your body.

When the seven chakras are in balance, life feels good. You have a sense of well-being and feel that all is as it should be. It’s not a one-step process to balance your chakras. It takes some tweaking to get the balance just right, but it can be done and with often spectacular results!

Article by Carol Tuttle

Activities to Recharge Your Energy!

Infinity signSummer is here. And whether or not you go on vacation, you still need a break from your routines. It’s important for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.

If you can’t take an “away” vacation, create an energy-healing “staycation.” Set aside a week or so and take time off from your normal activities. Schedule a wealth of low-cost self-care activities to help clear, balance, and revitalize your energy.


Energy Healing Staycation Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Meditate daily.
  • Belly breathe at least 5 minutes daily
  • Practice a relaxation technique every day.
  • Get out into nature for a hike or a day at the beach.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Listen for your intuition.
  • Do yoga. (Or any form of restorative exercise.)
  • Pamper yourself with delicious and healthy food. Take time to really savor both making and eating it.
  • Plant something.
  • Take on a rewarding home or garden project that will make you feel great when it’s accomplished and boost your home’s supportiveness to your energy in the long term (e.g. by increasing order or beauty).
  • Write regularly in your journal. Journal your dreams.
  • Schedule some fun and healthy self-care activities such as a massage, facial, haircut, or (of course) energy healing.
  • Buy yourself small, healthy treats–a new book, a fun article of summer clothing, flowers–whatever pleases you. (But don’t spend a lot of time shopping. That’s an energy-drain.)
  • Create something — whether or not you’re “artistic.” Just play!
  • Nap.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Devote a whole day to loving-kindness — toward yourself. No bad thoughts or words about yourself — only compassion, forgiveness, and cherishing.

Consciously engaging in positive, restorative activities like these can have a huge impact on your energy field. Fun is good for you!

So make time this summer to take care of yourself. It will help clear and restore your energy field–and you’ll be healthier in body, mind and spirit.

Original Article by Nancy Hausauer


Quote of the Day: “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” ― Eckhart Tolle

What to Do When It Feels Like No One is Meeting Your Needs- Carol Tuttle

Do you ever have times where it feels like everyone expects something from you…and yet no one is meeting your needs?

You probably don’t want to come across as needy, but a part of you feels like a little child who just wants someone to care for them.

Here’s one way to step into more support and feel like a balanced adult.


Recognizing the little child in your adult self

Somewhere in your childhood, your needs and feelings weren’t validated. So that inner child within each of us adults continues to try to find ways of getting those needs met.

I want to help you move forward in feeling more supported and secure.

In this mini-healing session video, Leslie still felt like a little girl in her relationships, feeling like her needs were overlooked. She leads with TYPE 2SMEnergy in my Energy Profiling system, and true to her subtle nature, she has had trouble speaking up for herself and voicing her own needs.

Watch the video and see how powerfully healing it can be to recognize your unmet needs—and then show up in a different way to care for them now as a grown up.

What un-met needs from childhood came up for you? How can you now care for your own inner needs? Share your comments with me below. 

Showing up as a grown up

Whenever you feel like a child again as an adult, it always points back to an experience in your childhood that is in need of healing.

To get in touch with that part of you, follow along with the visualization I did with Leslie. You have your own story of not getting your needs met.

Once you give those feelings a voice, you can show up for yourself as an adult to care for that inner child part of you who is still looking for love and validation.

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