Amen Method Professional

We are proud to offer you improved services through our new affiliation with the Amen Clinics, the world leader in neuropsychiatry. As part of this association, we have access to specialized tools and resources to help patients struggling with brain-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning disorders, weight issues, and addiction.

This comprehensive, coordinated program focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our patients. We have been fully trained and accredited in the Amen Clinics methods for educating, assessing, and motivating patients struggling with brain-related conditions so that we can help them attain better brain health and lead happier, richer lives.

Start exploring the new treatment options available to you: visit the Amen Clinics website at

Contact us for an appointment if you are struggling with these issues or want to know how neuropsychiatry can benefit you and your family, and how our affiliation can help give you new access to treatment options, schedule an appointment now to see whether a referral to the Amen Clinics is right for you.

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